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Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, Inc.
P.O. Box 530400, Lake Park, Florida 33403
Toll Free: 1-800-652-6733
Suppliers of: Toggle Switches, Push Button Switches, Safety Switches, Lever Limit Switches, Foot Switches, Button Limit Switches, Keypad Switches, Key Switches, Thumbwheel Switches, PC Mount Switches, PC Mount Toggle Switches, Safety Switch Covers, Rotary Switches, Toggle Switches, Push Button Switches, Safety Switches, Lever Limit Switches, Foot Switches
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Toggle Switches Toggle Switches
Switch Depot offers a wide selection of toggle switches suitable for both industrial, educational and hobby use. Choose from Sub-Mini, Mini and Full sized toggles. Select from Single Pole thru 4 Pole in two or three Position switches. Many types are available with Momentary positions. Contact ratings from 12VDC through 250VAC in 1A to 20A of current. Included are LED illuminated 12V types. Available accessories include Weatherproof toggle boots and colorful Safety Covers.

Push Button Switches
From large illuminated “Gaming” switches to mini panel or circuit board types, Switch Depot is your place to buy. We stock single pole & multi pole types including illuminated & alternate action. We have pushbutton switches to fill your needs with ratings from .1VA through 5A @ 250VAC.
Push Button Switches
Level & Push Button Micro Switches Level & Push Button Micro Switches
Snap switches, also known as “Lever”, “Micro” and “Limit” switches, are a stock item at Switch Depot. We carry Roller & Button types, in Full & Mini sizes with ratings as high as 15Amps.

Keypad Switches
Check us out for keypads. We have 14 & 16 button X-Y versions available. These are great for commercial projects as well as home/hobby/experimentation projects.
Keypad Switches
BCD & HEX Switches BCD/HEX Switches
Now available from SWITCH DEPOT are BCD & Hex switches very competitive prices. P.C. mount to solder type and thumb wheel to screwdriver slot.

Foot Switches
Need a foot switch?? Switch Depot is your source. Our line of switches cover the range from simple musicians footswitch through heavy duty safety covered types even a rocker. With ratings up to 15A @ 480VAC, we have your footswitch.
Foot Switches
Key Switches Key Switches
Switch Depot carries an assortment of Key Switches. From circuit board mounting to through panel types with solder, screw & Quick Connect terminations all at competitive prices.
Specialty Switches
Looking for something “Strange” in a switch?? Switch Depot may have it! We have Computer Data/Video, Fiber Optic, 500A Battery disconnect, Pressure & Vacuum, BCD/HEX, Coaxial, Proximity, DPST & DPDT Knife, Mini Slide, Multi pole DIP, Alarm system magnetic & Passive IR, even coffee pot timers.
Specialty Switches

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